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Invite addressing: I couldn't find this situation on here.

Hi all!

FI and I are working on our prelim guest list, and I'm trying to figure out the proper way to invite 4 of our friends.  We THINK we know how to deal with this living arrangement:

Anna owns her own home.  Her girlfriend, Amy, pays rent at her own apartment, but pretty much lives with Anna.  In the time we've known them, we've never once been to Amy's apartment and I didn't even realize she didn't actually live with Anna until about 6 months ago.  Do we send the invite to:
Ms. Anna Smith and Ms. Amy Doe
Anna's address

Or should we send one to each of their respective homes?

They also have a roommate, Bill.  Bill's BF lives in California, and obviously, we will invite him with Bill.  So, we send a seperate invite to Mr. Bill Jones and Mr. BF at his (Anna's) house, right?  We don't just send one to the house for all 4 of them.

I hope I wrote this so that it makes sense. 

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Re: Invite addressing: I couldn't find this situation on here.

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    Bill should get an invitation addressed to him at Anna's house, and then if you have inner envelopes include his BF's name. If no inner envelopes, then go ahead and put the boyfriend's name on the outer envelope. 

    ETA: Whoops, I read that as friend who is a girl, not girlfriend. Address it like this:

    Anna Lastname
    Amy Lastname

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    Thanks, I appreciate the help!  :)
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    That's what we did. Our groomswoman and her partner are in the Navy and currently live in separate states. We have an address for her partner, but we wanted to invite them as a couple, so we addressed it to both ladies at our groomswoman's house. 
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    Thank you, all!!
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