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Invite wording help needed!

Hi ladies - Just need a bit of advice on how to word the invites. I know 'traditionally' the invites should read ' (who's hosting/contributing) invite you to the wedding of their daughter...." blah blah blah. Well, my fiance and have been on our own for awhile...we are older and have planned every ounce of the wedding ourselves. My father has contributed some money, and my mother has bought my dress, etc, which we are very grateful for. it appropriate to still say that my parents 'invite you to the wedding of....' or should we just say that 'we' (my fiance and I) invite you to the wedding on the invites. His parents are invited...but somewhat estranged, and it's definitely not comfortable or appropriate to say 'together with their parents.' So that's not an option. Any ideas? I know I'm making this harder than it is.....but want to be etiquette-appropriate. Thanks!
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