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What to wear to "formal" but not "black tie"?

I'm off to a wedding this weekend, but am rethinking the dress I'm planning to bring.

The wedding invitation did NOT say "black tie" but did set a rather oppulent mood (gold and burgundy, embossed text, calligraphy on the envelope, etc.).

Then I just saw on their wedding website it says "formal attire is required".  My boyfriend will be wearing a suit anyway, since he can't afford a tux (and it didn't say "black tie").  But now I'm thinking the dress I'm wearing might not be formal enough.

It looks something like this but in pink - Calvin Klein, knee length:

And I was going to wear it with these:

(the shoes are the same material, but more of a peep-toe than a sandle, and they match the actual dress - the pink is the same color)

Thoughts?  Is it acceptable, or should I pull out the good ol' 'little black dress'?

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Re: What to wear to "formal" but not "black tie"?

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    for a non-black tie wedding, I think pretty much any cocktail/evening dress is appropriate. Like something you'd wear to a fancy work holiday party.

    I'd be delighted if you wore this to my wedding (if I even had time to notice). But then, my mom is really upset that people might not dress "nicely enough" for my wedding. She likes to find things to worry about.
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    I think that dress and BF's suit is fine for a formal event!  Cute shoes.
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    I think it's fine.
    Those shoes are awesome, by the way.
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    I put formal on my website because my dads family likes to show up to weddings in flannel shirts and work boots haha.  However I would think you were very appropriately dressed.
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    Thanks ladies!  The shoes are my all-time favorite.  I actually bought them several years ago for my college graduation - figured I wanted something fun popping out below the boring black gown!  The actual shoes are the same material, but have a heel and a bit more coverage (like I said, more like a peep toe than a sandel).  They are soooo comfortable and I can dance all night in them!
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    I really like the dress.
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    I think the shoes casual the outfit up.  It will all be very bright and playful, which sometimes conveys a less formal tone.   I think the dress is fine but I would do different shoes.  Maybe something high and strappy in a champagne or silver color?  I think that would look much more formal. 

    (I love the shoes btw, I just dont think they will work here.)


    "Whatever East. You're just mad I RSVP'd "lame" to your pre-wedding sleepover."
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    I love the shoes. I love the dress. I don't love the shoes and dress together for a formal event. I'm gonna have to agree with east.

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    With a dress that simple accessorize is the key world. That can be easily dressed up or down whether you choose to wear those shoes or not.
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    Personally, I feel the outfit is not really formal.  Sure it is fun, but the dress is too short and the shoes are too funky.  Go for something more elegant.  I'd do the little black dress.
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    Did I mention this wedding is happening on the beach?  With the reception inside the hotel after.  I definitely don't want a long dress because I'd feel uncomfortable on the beach for the ceremony.

    It seems overwhelmingly voted that this dress will work.  I probably won't be the most formal person there, but at least I'll feel good in what I'm wearing and heck, I'm from Miami!  I'm allowed to wear bright colors!  I just can't bring myself to wear black... it just seems so boring!

    Thanks everyone!
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    What time is the wedding?  You'd pass for daytime formal, but probably not evening.. except the fact that the beach aspect of it kind of threw me off a little.
    The fact that it's at a beach says to me that this wedding calls for happier colors than black.  And if it's an afternoon wedding, definitely do not wear black.

    I like this website:
    I know she's a little old-fashioned, but I think she's mostly correct and has good advice.
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    I like the dress, I really like the shoes, I just don't think it works together for an evening formal wedding.I'd go with the LBD
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