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How to tell + Guest people no children?

I know that putting "Adult Only" is rude. I know that instead of putting Jane Doe + Guest, I should find out the name of the intended guest.


We have a guest to invite who is single, but will not know a whole lot of other people at the wedding so we want to invite her with a guest. We do not want her to bring her 12 year old daughter (she often brings her daughter to work functions) as her guest as this is an adult only reception. What do we do? I feel that if we just put "+guest", we can't then call her and tell her that no children are being invited. My fiance asked her if we should address her invitation to a her and a specific person, and she said "Well, I'm Single"

This scenario is  also a possibility for two other guests as well.
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Re: How to tell + Guest people no children?

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    If she's not in a serious relationship put "Sue and Guest."  If she does RSVP with her daughter, call her and politely tell her its an adult reception.
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    This is tough. I would probably address it to her and include a hand-written note stating that she is welcome to bring a date. Hopefully that will make it seem inappropriate to bring her daughter. And then have people spread by word of mouth that the wedding is adults-only.
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