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I am 27 years old and my youngest sister is only 9.  When I get married next summer she will be 10.  I Don't want her to be left out of the wedding as I already have my 3 young daughters as the flower girls, and my - will be - 15 year old brother as the usher. 
What is the role of a Jr. Bridesmaid?Undecided

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    Basically the same as a Bridesmaid.  Wear a pretty dress and stand up with you in the wedding.  If the BMs plan a shower, they can include your sister as much as possible, maybe give her a little something to do to help. 
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    Honestly, to put on a dress and look as adorable as she can.  I'm also having a Jr. BM, who is 10.  I don't expect her to do anything.   Are you trying to put her to work?
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    My daughter and my sister who are 12/13 will be my junior bridesmaids.  I will give them tasks that preteens like doing for the preparation of the wedding.  Helping w/favors or asking them for their advice (which ribbon looks better? etc).  I know I can't depend on them like an adult but you'll be surprised.

    I think I will give them little jobs.  I might have them read something very small at the ceremony and I might have them do little duties at the reception too (pass out coloring books to the kids that do attend the reception etc).
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    My JBM will also be performing a reading.  But, that's about it.  I like what Dani said, maybe you could have her in charge of handing out the mothers' corsages.  I actually like that idea.  I think my son, who is a JGM will hand out the fathers' bouts.
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    My sister is the type that will not just sit there, she willl want to be involoved as much as she can, so yes, I will be putting her to work, lol. Laughing

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    Aw, your little sister is going to have so much fun dressing up, and she'll feel like one of the 'big kids" since she's a Jr. Bridesmaid rather than a FG. You could ask her to help supervise the flower girls, if you want.
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    Agree with PPs.... Jr. Bridesmaid would be perfect for her. She can dress up and walk down the aisle with you and your girls... she'll feel so special!

    I'm doing something similar. My FI has a 12-year-old half sister. I wanted to give her a job. We don't have a little boy in the family (for a ring bearer), so we let her go to DB with her mom and pick out her own Jr Bridesmaid dress (same color as the BMs).... she's going to walk down the aisle with a bouquet just like my BMs... and wear our rings on a necklace around her neck. So she will be ring bearer/jr. bridesmaid.

    Plus I'm treating her to a manicure/pedicure - along with the rest of the BMs - the day before. It will be fun! And she's soooo excited!
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    I was a jr. bridesmaid in my uncle's wedding when I was 12.  I had so much fun getting all dressed up!  I'm sure she'll have a blast.

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    I really don't like the idea of Jr Bridesmaids, I think they're weird.
    Although, in your situation, I think it's a good idea.
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    I think it is a great idea!  I have two Jr. Bridesmaids, my cousin who is like a sister to me (age 10) and FI's niece..he didnt have a Jr. Groomsboy to accompany her.  They are SO excited to wear a bridesmaid dress instead of a froofy flower girl dress.  I am not giving them jobs (you arent really supposed to delegate jobs to any bridesmaid).  If they ask, you can.  My bridesmaids have taken it upon themselves to plan partys and what not.  My Jr.s will just wear their dresses and walk up and down the aisle, and get announced at the reception.

    Edit: Of course by all means, if your Jr. wants to do something, you can of course give her something to do!!!
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