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Mother son dance with two mothers?!

Hi all:) I have a question about the mother son dance. My fiancée was raised by his grandmother who has passed away. His biological mother and step mother are also in his life. Would it be appropriate for them to split a song with him? The two moms are very civil with each other. We are just trying to find a way to include everyone without our guests having to sit through a half hour of dances. Thanks!

Re: Mother son dance with two mothers?!

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    Splitting up the dance is definitely appropriate and the best option in this situation. Thank you, on behalf of your guests, for not doing several spotlight dances. 
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    I agree that splitting the dance is a good option. My cousin did this for the father daughter dance. She started the dance with bio dad and then step-dad cut in half way through. Looked nice and she got a special moment with both parents without having the guests get bored with all the spotlight dances.
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