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is it kosher to cut my attendance short?

one of our groomsmen proposed to his fiancee about a month ago, and being at the mercy of their church, were assigned a wedding date based on the 2 month block they chose.  Their wedding is a week before ours. 

I'm happy for them, and not at all having an "OMG it's MY month/week/year/millenium, etc" moment.  It just sort of sucks because I am not sure I can take too much time off before my wedding and really have to maximize my time off.

Would it be rude to attend the ceremony and not the reception?  Or to cut our time at the reception short?  I feel bad, I really really like this groomsman very much and want to be supportive, especially since he's in our wedding...but at the risk of sounding like a complete douche, I have my own $hit to handle.

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