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Bridal Shower Question

Okay, so I believe I posted in Etiquette a few days ago (if I remember correctly) about my dad's cousin's son's wedding and how I was going to be invited to the fiancee's bridal shower. Well, I received the invitation today and I noticed three things:

1.) The bridal shower is LESS than two weeks away and there is no RSVP information.
2.) It's at a bar. I'm not being judgmental, but a bar?
3.) The wedding will be held in a town FIVE hours away.

Why would I buy a gift for a girl I've never met (and a cousin I see once a year because he lives a few states over) for a wedding that's going to be five hours away? (In her hometown, which is on the other side of the state).

Honestly, what would you do?
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