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BIG BIG family, small, intimate wedding desired..

I have a very large family. Every wedding I've attended has been the same - huge reception hall, catered food, lots of dancing and LOTS of drinking. They are partiers. I think they really enjoy going to these weddings because we don't otherwise get together as a group like that.

I do not want that. I don't have the money for it, and I just plain don't want a huge wedding, for all the typical reasons.

I want to have my immediate family with me, either in town or for an overnight trip nearby (Michigan has a lot of beautiful beach towns).

Has anyone been in this situation, and what do you tell your extended family? How do you tell them "we're married" without offending them all and making them feel left out? Am I setting myself up for disaster? Will they feel they are not important to me?

If anyone has experienc with this, or just an opinion, I'd LOVE some advice!! Thank you!
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