TIp Jar at Reception

Someone posted about a tip jar at a reception. I'm still not clear what the tip was for.

But, it got me thinking about my reception. There's been a tip jar at almost all open bar receptions I've been to.

I plan to tip the bartender (in fact 18% is added to our bar bill) and do not want a tip jar sitting on the bar at our reception. I feel it would imply we did not tip the bartender (s) and make guests feel guilty for not tipping every they go get a drink. At least that is the way I feel if I didn't bring cash to a reception time with a tip jar out.  

Don't get me wrong I waited tables/bartended for years so I always tip more than most people so of course I would want to make sure the staff was taken care of. I just don't want our guests to have to do that.

 I don't know if it is standard for venues to place a tip jar on the bar? How do I make sure one isn't placed out at our wedding? Do I bring it up with the venue? Is that rude to assume they would do that? Or do I say nothing and hope for the best?
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