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Choosing Sister-In-Law over Groom's Sisters

My brother and his fiance got engaged last July and are getting married this July.  They decided to ask me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding (I never asked my brother or anyone else to be one).  My brother and I have always been close but I am not close to his fiance at all.  I am, however, close to MY fiance's three sisters (my brother and I are both getting married this year). 

As I've been planning my wedding I decided that I can't ask his three sisters and her to all be bridesmaids so I decided to only ask friends as bridesmaids and have my fiance's three sisters and my brother's fiance as my house party.  My family, brother included, have become irrate.  They think because I am a bridesmaid in her wedding she should be one in mine over any of my fiance's sisters.  I have already asked all my bridesmaids and house party by sending personalized cards which they have to respond to.  Everyone has responded except my brother's fiance and I sent the card over 2 months ago.  My family is still going on about how it makes no sense that I didn't ask her and that it is wedding etiquette.  I don't understand how it is so hard to comprehend that no matter what I would have to choose one or all of my fiance's sisters over her....not only are they HIS sisters but I am actually close to them.  All of his sisters are perfectly fine with their role in the wedding and just happy to see us happy.  Am I somehow looking at this the wrong way?
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