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bridesmaid dress help?

I am in a conundrum over what I want to do for my bridesmaid dresses. My first choice, the vision I've had in my head for awhile, is a sundress in a black and white damask print, with a teal sash around the waist. Well, in my exhaustive searches I have not found any damask dresses made for adults. There are some for kids, and one from Ann Taylor Loft that they had last year, but none available anymore. So then I was thinking maybe I could find the fabric and have someone make them. The problem is my bridesmaids are in three different states, so measurments and fittings would be a nightmare. So now I am thinking that it might look ok if they each just pick a black and white patterned dress, and as long as they are all the same length it will look ok if the patterns are different. Maybe? But will that look too crazy and busy with all the different patterns, especially if I still use damask accents in parts of the reception? I would just go with black dresses, but I have my heart set of print ones. I just love that look! Any ideas?

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