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So you know what sound will seriously haunt you?

The sound of rescue breathing.  The air going in and out is the worst sound I think I've ever heard. 

CN:  I pulled up on a passed out purple man that was apparently OD'ing and his friend was maybe throwing sh*t down the drain BEFORE helping his friend breathe

Today I pull up to pick up Jocelyn at my SIL's and across the street there's a truck with the door open, a bike and a man laying on the ground with his legs in the truck.  I'm thinking the truck ran up on the sidewalk and hit the guy.  Nobody else is around.  So I pull my phone out and start calling 911 when this guy comes running down the street yelling to call 911.  By now I'm standing over the guy who is completely purple in the face. 

I'm telling 911 to get over there that this guy is unresponsive and the street runner guy starts doing chest compresions on this guy.  He's like, "he has a pulse" so I start yelling at him not to do chest compressions (LIKE DUH!!!).  Anyhow, so this guy starts giving him rescue breaths even though 911 is telling me to tell him to wait for the ambulance, but dude won't listen to me. 

I'm just telling you the sound of the air going in and out is awful!  Holy sh*t I was so scared.  Then street runner guy starts talking about he's ODing on Heroine, so I tell that to the dispatcher and she transfers me to the fire department.  Finally, I hang up with them and the guy is starting to come around.

He finally opens his eyes and starts to get up.  The street runner starts saying, "Kyle, what are you doing on my street, what's going on, you passed out".  So they knew each other but it was a chance encounter from the sounds of it.  IDK.  (I'm guessing that's why he asumed OD).  So I tell street runner to give the guy his coat since he has on a t-shirt, shorts and slippers.  But SR insists he needs to take his bike home 2 houses down.  (WHAT?) 

So MR OD is trying to get in his truck and leave.  Seriously he went from purple to trying to drive away in 3 minutes.  I'm otu there with this old guy with no teeth trying to convince him to stay put.  Luckily a cop pulls up, then like 5 more and fire trucks and an ambulance. 

Anyhow, I don't stick around I just go get Jocelyn because she needs to get to school.  The cops come up to the door and ask if I was giving him CPR because that's what street runner said.  REALLY?  Why lie.  Then he asked if SR took anything out of the truck, I said not that I saw but he was running from that direction and he said his house was the opposite direction, and his bike was already at the truck.  So then the cops search the storm drains and yards.  I dont know if they found anything though b/c I left. 

It was seriously weird, random and scared the sh*t out of me today.

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