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NWR - Headaches - A short question turned long, sorry

You ladies are always super helpful to me and others, so i have a question completely not wedding related.

For the past month or 2, I have been getting horrible headaches on and off during the day and night, I am lucky to have 1 day a week with no headache. Or a full nights sleep, usually sleepless due to knee pain, headaches or the train rolling full force through my head.

A little back story, a gift from mom and grandma (dads side) I would have rather not inherited, stress, anxiety and bad nerves. Now I can't say from experience that I know about grandmas actions, I was never around her much growing up due to distance, and she passed on many years ago. But as for mom, it was always a roller coaster growing up and even now. When the stress and anxiety peaks (even with me), we turn moody, headaches, loose sleep as well as I have suffered from physical pain... mouth ulcers as well as severe neck pain episodes to the point where I have not been able to move my neck for days and lost time at work or school in the past.

Now 95% of this stress and headaches I have been enduring is NOT wedding related. We aren't to wed until Sept of 2012, so everything that needs to be in it's place right now, is. Only conversations that come up on this topic are small plans or questions about the engagement party that my brother is throwing us this September.

At first i thought it was possibly my BC pills, but even when I'm on my "off" day pills, i continue to get them, I even changed BC methods around November of last year. I also flirted with the ideas that it could be the extreme heat or weather changes. No medicines seem to help with the headaches, I've tried all OTC headache and allergy medicines thinking it could be allergies as well. I have tried doctor prescribed allergy medicines before, and for whatever reason they knock me right out.

I pretty much am unable to handle the headaches, and un-needed stress and anxiety attacks over such seemingly simple things. Any advice? 

Added Note: Mom is heavily medicated now to handle the stress, anxiety and over active brain, not thrilled about that idea.

Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. -Bob Marley

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