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Ok, so we decided that we were just going to have a quick rehearsal then all meet up for pizza or something afterwards so no one had to spend alot of money for a rehearsal dinner since the wedding is going to be expensive. His whole side of the family is coming into town the night before the wedding cause they all live out of state. I was fine with them meeting up with us to eat, but now my FMIL told me they were all going to be at the rehearsal also and she has 12 brothers and sisters plus their families. I told her I didnt like the idea cause I only wanted wedding party there and then it to be quick so we can all go out. She has told me that it doesnt matter they will be at the rehearsal anyways. What else should I do...? I almost feel like if they're all goin to be there the night before then why the hell am I waiting till the next day to get married. Yell
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