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Weird, Likely selfish WR question...

So T's sister ( the one I do not like) just got engaged. I don't know for sure( obviously) but I think she will ask me to be a BM. I don't want to. Is there any polite way to turn it down or is it better to just suck it up and do it?
I don't mean to sound pretentious in assuming that she will ask but I'd like to be prepared just in case and I can't exactly say "let me think about it..."

Go ahead and give me the ass whooping I probably need here.

Re: Weird, Likely selfish WR question...

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    Devils advocate for a second:

    If she's the type to hold a grudge and bring up for years to come at Thanksgiving the fact that you turned down the "opportunity" to be her bridesmaid, she's also the type to do that if you don't kick in for the shower - financially, timewise, etc, if you don't get her good enough gifts for the shower & wedding, if you don't help plan and pay for and attend the bachelorette party, if you don't grow or cut your hair to her specs, etc.

    Just know what you're getting into.  With this chick, it's not "just one day."  I guarantee it.
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