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time of hair appt to ceremony

Were having a 4:30 ceremony, and doing most of our photos prior to the ceremony.  I need to schedule my hair and makeup appointment, and she tells me it will be 2 hours.  My question is, how long BEFORE the wedding do I start hair and makeup?

Re: time of hair appt to ceremony

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    I started hair and makeup at 11:00, photographer came at 2:15 and we left for the church at 3:30 for a 4:00 ceremony start time.

    Edit: I didn't answer your question really but figure out what time your photographer needs to come and plan to be done about an hour before that.
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    How long will your photos take? The ceremony time isn't really relevent - you have to be ready by picture time.

    My photos start at 2:00pm, so I want to be ready to go by 1::30. I'm probably scheduling my hair and MUA for 11 because she'll be doing my hair and makeup and my mom's hair.
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    Hair/makeup starts at 12:30.  I want to be at venue no later than 3:15 to put dress on and start photos at 3:45 for 5 p.m. ceremony.
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    My ceremony is at 5:30pm and my photographer said to be done with hair and makeup no later than 3:30pm. I would talk to your photog about what time they want you ready for pictures. Then call the salon and tell them you must be done by that time. They can schedule to appointment accordingly.
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    My wedding starts at 4:30, too.

    We are doing hair at 10:00.  We have five bridesmaids, a bride, two flower girls, and two mothers getting their hair done.  So it will take a couple hours.

    Our photographer wants three hours to do photos (ugh) so we will start taking pictures at 1:00 - which leaves us an hour to do makeup and get into our dresses and whatnot.

    This was the same timeline we followed at my sister's wedding last fall - and it worked great.
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    Always leave more time than you need so you don't feel rushed. My air appt was at 7a.m. for a photo start time of 1pm. Sounds early, but we did 7 girls hair plus my mother, with a makeup artist as well, and everyone was done by 11am...which left enough time for us to actually sit down and enjoy a light lunch before we needed to start our drive at 12. I was a little worried about being tired, but I got quite a bit of sleep (and it was good sleep thanks to a cocktail I had at dinner Wink) so I made it just fine through the day. I'm really glad we did the schedule we did, it made the whole day just seem to flow and I didn't feel rushed at all.
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