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Photog - do I put her up at the same venue?

We are getting married at a resort that has several nearby inns. I love our photographer, but the resort is $350/night. Is it poor form to reserve her a room at the nearby Inn? i think we have to put her up for two nights.... Appreciate the advice. She's not cheap, it's a $6500 contract, so an additional $700 seems nuts. Local inns are about $100 a night.....Thanks again.

Re: Photog - do I put her up at the same venue?

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    What does your contract say? Do you have to put her up at all? 
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    hi - it DOES say I am responsible for putting her up, because she's based more than 50 miles away. And as the reception goes until midnight, it's my understanding it's both nights.

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    check your contract that that fee is not already included in the cost you are paying.  Our DJ is the only one "traveling" and our contract had the accomodations fee already included in his travel fee.  And, I'm not sure she needs to be out up 2 days-- what time does she start on your wedding day?  Unless she is starting at 6am I do not see why you need to put her up in a hotel for 2 days.  The 1 night seems reasonable, but 2 is odd IMO.  And if you do pay for accomodations on top of the contract payment, I think it is ok to put her up at a different hotel.   

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    I think you're fine to put her up at a nearby inn, as long as you also provide transportation to and from that inn for your wedding.
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    You don't have to put her up at the same resort you're staying at, as long as the lodgings you find for her are reasonable in terms of distance from the venue and quality of service.
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    I'd also check to see if you're even supposed to be booking it; it may be that you're supposed to reimburse her for wherever she decides to stay.
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