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cramping our NW style? (tmi?)

So, FI and I are moving to Chicago by the end of the year, but we are pit-stopping in Indiana for a few months to job/apt hunt and save money because this will be too difficult from NC.   We are staying with my sis, her bf and her 3 year old for 3 months.  Originally, we were supposed to stay in her bfs "room" where his xbox 360, big TV etc is.  He's recently gotten a little sad about it because he really likes his room so he can have his own space.  I completely understand.  He's the nicest guy ever and is already being so generous.  So that leaves us with my niece's room.  There is plenty of room yeah.   I'm okay with sharing the room.  I even think it's kind of funny except we'll probably want to consummate the marriage like bunnies for the first few months and we won't have any space to ourselves.   And when we will, it will be in the room of my 3 year old niece.  Weird.   I appreciate everything they are doing so I'm not complaining.  It just kind of occurred to me what the conditions would be.  Oh well.

We have lots of friends and family in town, but staying with my sister is really our best option. 
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