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Rehearsal Dinner help!

Hi there,

I am getting married this weekend...(wahooo!!) and one of my BM's, fi's sister, who is in high school has a tournament game for the sport she plays. This tournament game falls on the same night as the rehearsal and dinner. She is planning on going to her game instead of the rehearsal and dinner, she is freshmen so this isn't like it is her last game ever to play and its the first round of the tournament so if her team won she'd be able to attend all of the other games.

I am a bit upset that she is choosing a game, over our important time. What do you think? Am I wrong for being a bit sad about her choice? What would you do if you were in my position.

Also, she has not told me directly about this...FMIL called fi and he said we'd really like her there for us and FMIL remarked "the rehearsal dinner is NOT important".

Am I overreacting??
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