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Guinea Pig Update - TMI warning - but hopefully not as bad as last night

So...I had my first morning using the Softcup and the removal process was awkward. Again - this is NOTHING like the DivaCup or The Keeper or any of those re-usable cups, this one is disposable and does NOT have anything "hanging out" to pull on.

It kinda looks like this - but I think this is the older version - the box says the one I'm currently using is "new and improved". The difference I think in this and the DC is that this kinda goes in horizontally and fits near the bottom of your uterus, past your cervix and is literally like a bowl that just sits there and collects "uhh..."

So ANYWAY - this morning, I had to reach in and grab that sucker by the rim. Again - AWKWARD. I don't enjoy sticking my finger up in there anyway (why do guys?!) but especially during AF, it's not fun. Anyway, it wasn't as messy or gory as I expected. To me, it was no different than seeing a used tampon.

I should probably add, I had it in for 12 hours and it was pretty light, but still.

I do NOT think that I will continue to use these softcups after this pack is empty (however, just for continued research, I'm using one now), but I didn't eperience any leaking or anything. I prefer the idea of the DC how it creates a vacuum seal and you dont have to reach all up in your junk to get it out.

Anyway - the main part of my research was to see how I would feel about the "uhh..." and the aftermath of removing it. It wasn't as bad as I expected - and honestly, it didn't bother me.

I'm definitely interested in getting a DivaCup or something similar. This has made me want to try it more - not less - so that's cool.

ETA: I'll gladly send you one of these things with a copy of the instructions if you want to PM or FB me your address. I'm glad I tried this before trying a DivaCup or anything similar because now I have a feeling for what the "uhh..." will look like. It's not a murder scene! Promise!
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