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So hey! it's Sunday!

Anyone here?  It's raining and crappy again so it's aother day of staying in, and H is sick. 

Re: So hey! it's Sunday!

  • Good morning!  It's actually quite nice out here today.  My only plan is to clean out the garage, but that has been my plan the last 3 weekends...  I had a terrible migraine last night, so I left a party early and by the time I was almost home - it just went away.  Just like that.  Strangest thing ever.  I had already called my neighbor to come over and give me a shot...  So weird, that has never happened before.  
  • I'm here!

    Going through the HGTV website, finding more projects for H to start.  We need some serious storage space.  Well we, have a ton of space, but apparently they are against closets this far north.  We have ONE and that's in our room.
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  • Huh.  That's odd but good Kelly

    Weirdly, it's stopped raining and is now bright and suny.
  • Here but leaving soon to have lunch with the Bs.
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  • Oh yeah, definitely a good thing.  I got stopped by a freight train that was stopped on the tracks (how the F is that legal?) so I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself, and then all of a sudden - gone.  It actually made me start to wonder if these things are all in my head... maybe I'm nuts?
  • FI's watching soccer, thank god the season started again (sarcasm).  

    I'm doing research to start a business Tofu talked me into starting when I when to meet the twins last week.  
  • Here for a minute; I have to work today. I'm annoyed because I usually have Sundays off with FI, but I lost an employee to grad school and her replacement had a couple of pre-planned weekends out of town. It's only 4 hours, but I'd like two full days off, please!

    Our DJ is coming over later though to finalize music. We're less than a month out!

  • NCV, what business?? I see you tease us on IN with news of the twins but didn't post any pics! WHATEVER.
  • Good morning :) I'm running slow after my housewarming party yesterday. One of my friends stayed until 11pm drinking and playing Wii sports resort with us.

    The best part was seeing Tide again and meeting Taryn. She is even cuter in person and the happiest baby I've ever met!
  • come on Katie...PICTURES
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  • Education consultation, going to homes of children with special needs and helping parents cope, helping with potty training, setting up visual time tables, doing seminars etc.  

    I want to be out of the classroom in 3 years.

  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:c13bd657-44e5-4dae-80c1-29d8a0613e49Post:c2f0fc4e-f85a-4984-b323-9b76505198fc">Re: So hey! it's Sunday!</a>:
    [QUOTE]come on Katie...PICTURES
    Posted by aMrsin09[/QUOTE]

    Since you asked :)

    <a href="" title="Click to view a larger photo" onclick="return gSiteLife.LoadForumPage('ForumImage', 'plckPhotoId', '756b171e-8286-4dcc-a3ac-b6f595794bf5', 'plckRedirectUrl', gSiteLife.EscapeValue(window.location.href));" class="PhotoLink"><img src="" alt="" /></a> Tide, Taryn, Z (my niece who fell in love with Taryn on sight) and me.
  • Aww!! Look at those kiddies! :D

    That sounds like a great business!! Good luck.
  • Both sets of pictures are fantastic.

    And with that, I am off to bed.  I'm too old to be doing the 1:45 AM bit.  Plus DH has Mon and Tues off, so it's our weekend.  he says he has something "fun" planned for Tuesday. 

    This could be interesting.
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  • Thanks! It's been my long term plan, but she gave me the push to do it now.  
    FI and I are very happy with it, although we will be busy.  
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    Went to Mass with the FI and my son.....counted the pews on the way out so I'd know how many bows I'd need Tongue out

    Now I'm just hanging out, watching the marathon of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and trying to resist the urge to wedding plan while I'm organizing my kitchen....again.

    Tonight, maybe I'll finish planning my FI's cousin's baby shower and keep working on my son's first birthday hoedown (both coming WAY sooner than the wedding).

    FI is mixing beats in the bedroom. I stop by occassionally to do a little robot.
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