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Joint ceremony... becoming a pain!

Hi all :)

We are having a joint ceremony with a Rabbi and a Reverend.  The Reverend is my childhood nextdoor neighbor whose family will all be there as well because they are attending as guests.  The Rabbi is apparently someone he has done ceremonies with in the past, whom he recommended.

Yesterday, I contacted the Rabbi about setting up a time to meet, and this is the 4th time I've contacted where he has rushed me off the phone (literally no more than a 2 minute conversation).  Every time we speak, he askes if I have spoken to the Reverend, which I have, and if I know what he would like to do ceremony-wise, which I do.  So each time I tell him yes, and he tells me to speak to the Reverend and call him back before meeting.

Now we are getting closer and on our last call, he said the same things to me but this time said he'd call the Reverend and call me back- I'm assuming that they should be in contact with one another regardless, because they are both coordinating our ceremony....  I just feel like I shouldn't have to relay the messages between them constantly and be rushed off the phone every time until I have more news for the Rabbi.  Its coming to the point where I'd almost prefer just my neighbor (Reverend) to marry us.

Sorry for this being so long and thanks for reading... its just frustrating that I'm trying to set up a meeting, and its becoming all of my responsibility, meanwhile they should be working together because they're leading everything .. and I'm clueless!!

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