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Critique my NYE party menu

I'm bored at work and therefore making my NYE party menu.  What do you think of it?

-Chips and salsa and queso dip
-Fruit salsa with cinnamon chips
-Asiago toasted cheese puffs
-Bacon wrapped dates
-Little smokies with barbeque sauce
-cookies (chocolate chip, some with M&Ms, and some with mint chocolate chips)
-champagne, of course
-soda and wine, maybe some beer (although I don't think anyone coming is a big beer drinker)

There are only going to be about 10 people there. Is this enough? Enough variety?  Anything missing that you would want? 

Re: Critique my NYE party menu

  • I would love to go to your party! That sounds delicious!
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    [QUOTE]I always like a nice veggie tray myself, but you know your crowd. Other than that, I'd be perfectly happy. Have fun at your party!
    Posted by mrs.jesse[/QUOTE]

    I thought about that too. I'm just afraid I'll make way too much food (like I always do) and have a whole bunch of leftovers we won't eat. Perhaps a veggie pizza?
  • I miss queso!

    I like it. If you want something else, these are really really easy and delicious:
  • I agree abou the veggi tray. I like to mix up my snacks with veggis to at least fool myself into thinking I'm eating healthy at a party.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Critique my NYE party menu</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Critique my NYE party menu : A veggie pizza would be good too, but I always go with the raw veggie tray because if it doesn't get eaten during the party, it's no big deal- throw it in the fridge, and you can turn it into whatever you like over the next couple of days. I also enjoy the crunch of raw veggies.
    Posted by mrs.jesse[/QUOTE]

    This. Or maybe a selection of cheeses.

    I always go overboad, though.
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  • Fruit and cheese tray?

    I always go overboard too and have to beg guests to take home leftovers due to lack of refrigerator space.
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