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Rant: Is NO really that hard to understand?

Based on indoor limitations of our reception venue in case of rain, we had to do some major cuts to the guest list when we were creating it almost a year ago. Mom and I made adjustments to our side. On the Groom's side,  we decided that cousins and their spouses/children would not be invited. To be completely fair, it was an all or none thing, so we made a 40 person cut in our guest list by this one limitation. However, we have an aunt (mother of one of the cut cousin) that is pitching a royal fit over this. SERIOUSLY!?!? She just won't give up - to the point of asking if we could at least just invite said cousin to the ceremony, but not the reception. I'm sorry, didn't you hear me the first time? NO COUSINS ARE INVITED! I'm not going to be the bride to send an invitation to someone including a personal note requesting that they be present at our ceremony but to not step foot in my reception venue. UGH!

Re: Rant: Is NO really that hard to understand?

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    I totally understand we are having the same issue with children! They are NOT invited to the ceremony, but are welcome at the reception.... this applies to ALL 10 and under! We are providing a nursery!!! FIs cousin's 7 year old daughter is just going to be SOOO HURT that she can't come.... she was so excited.... blah blah blah says said cousin.... UGH! I am not making exceptions for MY OWN NIECES!!!! I sure as heck am not making an exception for her! UGH!
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    ugh...i am not looking forward to these types of things, sorry you are having to deal with it. i just dont understand how anyone thinks is acceptable to argue with a bride over things like this? FI family is HUGE and we cut several family members from the list his mom gave us. we havent really sat down and told her who we cut or how many (her best friend from high school that FI met when he was 3 years old) and i know she isnt going to like it one bit.....but she isnt paying for anything, so case closed on that :) i just am not looking forward to sending her an email this week with a list of addresses i need in order to send out save the dates and her wanting to know why "such and such" isnt on the list. one of his "adopted aunts" has three grown college kids and i know this is probably against etiquette but i have no intentions of sending each of them thier own invitation....i will address it as Mr & Mrs & Family....i just dont have room for each one of them to bring a guest too.......FI isnt that close to the kids and only sees them at Christmas time.
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