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Is this wrong?

Does our wedding invite wording sound wrong?

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the honour of your presence as their daughter Jane Smith is united in marriage to Mike Brown son of mr. joe Brown and Ms. Karen White.

Re: Is this wrong?

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    I'd say "united in marriage with" but I'm not sure about what's technically correct.

    Other than that it sounds good.

    ETA: a quick google search shows both "to" and "with" are commonly used, so I guess it would be whatever you prefer.
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    Looks good to me, I agee with changing "to" to "with"
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    With.  Definitely.  With.
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    united in marriage with
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    Yup, it's "with".
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    Though the voting in your poll is statistically a dead-heat, I think "united in marriage with" sounds better.
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    I immediately thought "with" as well
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    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
    request the honour of your presence
    as their daughter
    Jane Elizabeth
    is united in marriage with
    Mr. Michael Allen Brown,
    son of Mr. Joseph Brown and Ms. Karen White.

    1.  Since daughter has the same last name as parents, you put her first and middle, not her last name.

    2.  WITH instead of TO

    3.  Need groom's full name with an honorific like Mr.

    4.  Need biodad's formal name (Joseph, not Joe)

    6.  And what's the story of Karen White? 
    The way you have it listed says that Joe Brown got Karen White pg and they didn't marry. 
    Or that groom's biodad Joe Brown has married a woman, Karen White, who has kept her own last name.
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    I would say "with" or change it to "requests the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter...."
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