How To Handle Family Ignorance

Please read this. My FMIL just sent this to me in an email (not from this page, but I found this so I wouldn't have to C&P the whole wall of text). Little does she know one of my good friends is Muslim. 

CN: Muslim women are subject to harsh treatment (sometimes true); they can be married at age 1 and marriage consumated at age 9 (but this is more of an ethnic/cultural issue than Islam based); all Muslims are bad; all Muslims in America want Shariah law here; in 20 years enough Muslims will be in the US to elect the president by themselves (boloney? I think so- but why should these people making the email care? We already have a "Muslim President" *sarcasm*). 

I wrote back saying that one of my good friends is Muslim and that she thinks all of this harsh treatment is as awful as we do. She is from a very liberalized sect and does not even wear any traditional Muslim dress, such as a headscarf. I phrased it very nicely and tried not to say how I really feel. Was this ok?

My friend will more than likely be at the wedding. I hope my FMIL has enough sense than to do something stupid based on these silly fears and biases. She sends me stuff like this a lot and makes all kinds of comments. I just hate it because this woman will be around my hypothetical children and I just don't think this is acceptable. I told my FI, and he says should she ever say anything like this in front of said children, he will certainly pull her aside and say something. Do you think we should say something to her sooner?

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