Parents meeting eachother

I need some solid advice here. My parents and FI's parents have never met. We don't live in (or all that close to) either of our hometowns, and our parents don't visit -- his because of health mine because of money. They're all coming in the Thursday evening before the wedding and I really wanted us to have a big family dinner together.

However, since FI and I are paying for the wedding and FI's parents are paying for the RD, I was going to ask my parents to pay for the Thursday dinner. This week I had a conversation with my parents about two of my uncles not being able to come to the wedding because of money, and my parents said they wish they could help but they can't. So now I don't want to ask them to foot the bill for dinner.

The other wrinkle is originally I wanted ALL of us to do dinner, including our siblings, their spouses and nieces and nephews. This would add eight people. I certainly don't want to pay that dinner bill. The other option is to take the six of us out (me and FI, my parents, FI's parents) to an upscale pizza place. I can pick up the bill there, but would have to exclude the siblings.

So what should I do? Am I missing another option? And FWIW, our condo is small to hold everyone, and it will be too cold for a picnic.

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