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Seen this about the honeymoon killer?

Have you seen this story about that guy who killed his wife on their honeymoon while scuba diving? 3 things about">this story tick me off

1. He got 18 months
2. He got remarried
3. He got remarried while they knew he killed her but just couldn't prove it

Please extradite him Australia!

Re: Seen this about the honeymoon killer?

  • Wait. A BUBBLE WRAP salesman?

    I'm lazy, do we know how he killed her?

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  • Oh my, that's HORRIBLE!
    My sister and her hubby are going there on the 20th for a month!!
    That pisses me off so bad he admitted to it in exchange for not getting sent back here to face the death penalty! If I were the dad I'd go to Australia and kill him myself! GRRR!!! :( Poor girl!
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    [QUOTE]Wait. A BUBBLE WRAP salesman? I'm lazy, do we know how he killed her?
    Posted by crfische[/QUOTE]
    I remember this story when it first went down.  He had his wife change him to the beneficiary on her giant life insurance policy right before they went scuba diving, and then somehow they separated from the group and her tank valve got turned off (it's kind of like a spigot for your garden hose), cutting off her oxygen while they were underwater.  It was pretty easy to pin it on him.
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  • He was an experienced diver trained in dealing with divers in trouble,  it was her first time diving. Other divers saw him give her a "bearhug" before her body went to the bottom,but they're not sure what happened. They let him manslaughter because they couldn't prove much, but basically he should and could have given her emergency oxygen but chose instead to just go to the surface.
  • OOOO, that's bad. :(
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    Yeah, if it was really just an accident, anyone who has been trained in scuba diving knows how to handle a situation like that.  I have 5 scuba certifications, and the first one I got was Junior open water diver at age 12.  I was on a night dive with my family in Key Largo, and at the ages of 12 and 15, my brother and I completely and competently handled a similar emergency situation.  And we were children, underwater, at night.  Buddy-Breathing is one of those skills they make you practice over and over until it's totally ingrained in your head when you're getting certified, because underwater, there's no way to communicate what's going on.  Any certified diver is able to easily recognize and handle an equipment malfunction.
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  • I also have to wonder how deep they were?  Could she not have at least done a CESA?  (It may of been her first dive, but if she was recently certified, she definitely practiced that one) If he was near her when she was having oxygen issues (per the 'bear hug' in the article), why the hell did they not do shared air? 

    There are way too many things to do in an emergency that an experienced diver should know how to handle...especially if diving with an inexperienced diver who happens to be your WIFE!  My FI and I never separate far enough while diving that we wouldn't be able to share air in an emergency and we are both the same level for diving experience.

    Not saying that complete and total accidents don't happen while diving, but this whole story just seems really sketchy to me.  And the fact that he only served 18 months is beyond ridiculous to me. 
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    [QUOTE]I didn't know that Alabama can charge someone on a crime that happened in another country?    I would have thought it would have been out of their jurisdiction.   Interesting. I agree that 18 months was not enough time, but at the same time sentences like that happen in the states also.
    Posted by lyndausvi[/QUOTE]

    I believe they're wanting to charge him because he commenced planning the crime while in the states. And yes, as others have said- it's somewhat difficult to prove that he deliberately did this to her, even though it's rather obvious that he didn't act with due concern (thus the manslaughter conviction). I'm not sure how he ended up with 18 months, though- there was a fair amount of outrage about that here, too. I also wonder who would marry someone in this position, and why they would marry someone in this position so very quickly...
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