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When I was 18 I spent my 1st semester of college down in SC and then transferred.  While I was only there a few months, I was really close with a few specific people, one being my roommate.  I'm from MD and she's from NJ (and was in SC 90% of the year) so we didn't keep in touch at all after just a few months from when I transferred since we were doing our own things (aside from a couple random phone calls).  
Almost 4 years later she's finishing her degree at a school 15 minutes from where my fiance and I have moved and when she found out I was engaged she, via facebook, seemed really excited and hoped to be invited.  I used this as an easy way to reconnect and attempted to make plans for lunch or happy hour on a few occasions but they all fell through on her end.

Question is: while I've already gotten her address and talked to her about the wedding through facebook, should I still invite her if by the time invitations go out we still haven't seen each other?  I feel like it's rude not to since she "knows" she's being invited but on the other hand I don't want to invite her if she hasn't taken the time to see me when I've made a clear effort + I'm thinking she'd apply yes but not show since the wedding itself is a 2 hour drive for her.  Help?
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