Thoughts on Pixie haircuts?


Re: Thoughts on Pixie haircuts?

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    She's always got some weird styling thing going on with it, like slicked back or something.

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  • whoa, yeah, not liking it on her. her face is too chubby-looking or something. even though she's slim.
  • I've had either a pixie or a shaggy bob for years, and I much prefer the pixie in the summer. I just got it cut on Friday, and I love it. It fits under my swim cap and in my bike helmet without flyaways getting in my mouth or eyes. Its very functional.
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    [QUOTE]Whenever I think of short curly hair, I remember Keri Russel and how everyone freaked when she cut all of her hair off.  Ah, Felicity memories.
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    Um, I love that you wrote this.  I was so sad when she cut her beautiful hair.
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  • I hate them.
  • no way in hell. although I like my hair shorter (it's just above my shoulders now), I still have to have SOME hair to play with.

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  • I have, in fact.  I look pretty good with one :D
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