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I love my family.

I have a cousin who is about 20 years older than I am. At the age of 5 his parents were divorced and his mother took him off to the west coast and would not let him have any contact with our family. I never knew this cousin existed, as it was almost taboo to mention him.
Well....... out of the blue he shows up on facebook and wants to be part of the family. All of my older family who knew him is very happy and are excited for him to be back. That's great! Someone invites him to the family Facebook group so he feels a little more included. He never says anything or makes any attempt to talk to us through the facebook group, and I still have never met him/ talked to him/ etc. To be honest, I'm cool with this because he is a very scary looking guy who has some more than aggressive facebook statuses.
All is well, STD's go out, we went through all the guest list torment of having to cut out friends and famlly due to space issues. Then one day on the family facebook page I see "Hey James, post your address so we can invite you to your cousin's wedding!".................... Wait, what? He doesn't even say "Christina's wedding" because James wouldn't know who Christina was. I'm the only one in the family not married, so it isn't as if I misinterpreted this.
I let it slide, I figure when he doesn't get an invitation he'll know he isn't invited. I wasn't about to start a bickering fest over facebook. Then I start getting facebook messages from the family I don't have space to invite asking when they'd be getting an invitation because now they know my wedding is coming up. Yay awkward emails.
Finally, James posts on facebook that when "Wendy and I come down for the wedding, we are going to go to Disney as well." He has still never said a word to me in my entire life... And who the hell is Wendy? Now I'm supposed to invite not only him, but his girlfriend. You've got to be joking me. I'm standing my ground on this one, does anyone think I'm in the wrong here?

Edit:  I know if I invite him, I should invite his girlfriend. It was more of a, "You aren't invited, I had no idea you even had a girlfriend anyway, and please stop making plans for the two of you to come because you aren't invited!"
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