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My brother backed out of my wedding. :(

Disclaimer:  This is just a vent, because I am currently crying in my office and  really need to talk it out/write it out/potentially have someone tell me to get over myself. 

My brother is an aspiring musician. He was right on the verge of being signed by a major record label when the economy fell apart and the label began laying off talent. Needless to say, his career has been on an indefinite hold since then. He does still get the occasional gig through his would-be label and has collaborated on projects with several big names in the industry. 

Apparently, he accepted gigs the day before and after my wedding and can no longer make it. I am really disappointed. I understand that he's staked everything on the dream of a music career (he graduated from continuation school at 20, still lives at home at 23, has never held a real job and has no marketable skills or education -- beyond music -- to speak of), but I think it's super lame that he can't take one day off for his only sister's wedding, which he's known about for over a year. I'm taking it especially hard because my half-brother and half-sister would move heaven and earth to attend the wedding, much less be in it... but they aren't invited because my parents refuse to acknowledge they exist, much less host them, because they are embarassed of the fact that I was adopted (a whole other set of issues).

I know that my wedding isn't as important to anyone else as it is to me, blahblahblah. But my own brother? Really?

If he ever does make it big, he owes me a really nice car. Or something. :(
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