Help me out Knotties!!

I was got over it when my aunt went crazy, hung up on my mother, and has now refused to speak to her because her (my aunt's) daughter-in-law (who I don't really have a relationship with) wasn't invited to the bridal shower.  I got over it when my sister's ex threatened not to let my nephew be my ring bearer.  I have, however, reached my breaking point.  One of my bridesmaids has STILL not given me a copy of the pics she took at the shower...which was over a month ago.  She was the main photographer, which she did without being asked.  I am was incredibly greatful, don't get me wrong.  When two weeks passed and I hadn't seen any of the pictures, I asked her to please send me a CD with them.  She responded that she hadn't had time to go through and post them.  I told her I wasn't worried about posting since I know she's busy.  My mom asked about them too, right around the same time since she hadn't seen them either.  Said bridesmaid responded with a nasty email calling me ungrateful, and plenty of other not-so-nice things.  We spoke, and I thought things were fine, but I still don't have the pics.  She acted like going to my bachelorette party was a huge chore, and now I'm not sure what to do.  Should I ask again, or let it go?  Any advice is welcome!!!!

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