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I saw your HM is in Maui.  I love Maui so much!  My time spent in Hawaii has become the inspiration for my wedding.  I love the culture and aloha spirit.  You are going to have a great time!I'm sure you have things mapped out as to what you will be doing, but I wanted to throw a suggestion out.  If you have a day, do the Road to Hana.  It is a road that wraps around the back of the island.  You will find all the "tropical" elements of Hawaii along this road.  There are several water falls, great outlooks from the mountains of the ocean, and one of the most amazing black sand beaches you will find.  Hana is an adorable little town, and a great place to stop for food.  The road also crosses into Haleakala National Park.  There you can go up to the summit of Haleakala Volcano. You can actually see the other islands from up there (bring a jacket, it's windy!). Right off of the road is the park entrance for the 7 Sacred Pool which is so beautiful!You can drive it if you are renting a car (you might consider renting one for the day to do this if you aren't already).  I think they also have group tours of it.  But you really get to see the best part of Maui on the Road to Hana.  Gosh I am so jealous you are going!!  let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thanks for the suggestions!! We are super excited to go!! We're getting there on a Sat. afternoon and leaving on a Friday afternoon. I just wish we were going for longer, FI is concerned about taking too many vacation days or whatever, his company is pretty strict :(   BUT, anyway he's been booking things, and planning the "itinerary." :)  We're staying at the Sheraton Maui. We're renting a convertible (yay!) for the week. We're going to do the Old Lahaina luau, do the Road to Hana, take surf lessons, do dinner at Mama's Fish House, some other nice restaurants, and maybe do a helicopter tour. Im trying not to squeeze TOO much in, because I really do want to spend some time relaxing. :)
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    Yay! I am so excited to hear you guys are doing the road to Hana.  It will truly be one of the best parts of your trip.  I recommend getting a tour cd and map.  You listen to it while you are driving along the road and it will let you know about things you would otherwise miss.  The black sand beach is a must! It's called the Wai'anapanapa State Park. You have to turn off the Road to Hana and cut through a small community, but it is so worth it.  We swam with sea turtles the last time we were there.  They came right into the cove.  This is a great place to spend some time and relax.  Bring a beach towel!  The Seven Sacred Pools is probably the other thing I would recommend doing.  It's a very spirital, sacred place for the hawaiian people.  Swimming in the pools is concsidered a blessing and good luck.  You have to go passed the town of Hana to get there.You are going to have a great time!!
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