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Am I doing the right thing?

My kid called me from school today and told me her friend was kicked out of her house. They are 13, so I wondered what was up. After talking to her mother I found out that her Grandmother is a wack job (which I have heard friend say before) and has been threatening the friends life. So she threw her out last night after the girl said she wanted to die and was going to kill herself if her Gma hated her that much.  

Here is where it gets sticky. We have an empty two bedroom apartment in the back of our house. I offered to let the family of four stay in the house for two weeks, MAX. I can't see the friend being seperated from her mom, dad, and brother (who is also emotionally abused) for the next 9 days. After 9 days they are supposed to be moving in with a friend in Ohio, but won't have the money to get there until the dad gets paid.

I will be sure all of the doors are locked and there is no access into our house from the apartment.

Should I be worried?

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