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Grandmothers names...

I have 2 grandmothers (my grandfathers have passed) and FI has one set of grandparents that are alive and one grandmother (her husband passed).So on my side, my mom says that the grandmothers should go by their formal name. grandmother would be (made up names) Mrs. Jonathan Doe Smith, Sr. On FI's side, his grandmother wants to be called Ms. Sally Baker and not Mrs. Samuel David Baker, and she doesn't even want her maiden name included.My feeling is that if I were the only one that had my name like that, I'd feel stupid. What are your thoughts?
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Re: Grandmothers names...

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    My Grandmother will be listed formally too - I think it's the proper way. If it were me, yes, I'd feel stupid to be the odd man out, but I guess let her do what she wants. If she's not aware that the others will be listed differently, maybe you can casually mention how the others will be listed, or show her a program so that she witnesses it before they actually get printed in case she wants to change her mind.
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    I agree. Show her how the other names will be listed, and, if she still wants, let her have it her way. Chances are few people will notice the difference. My dad's name is Henry, but he has never gone by anything but Hank (due to some weird obsession of my grandma's). He was in the program as Hank even though everyone else had their formal names printed. I never heard anyone say anything about it.
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