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Bachelorette Party/ Bridal Shower

I'm having a last-minute bachelorette party for my cousin next Saturday. Her MOH kind of dropped the ball; she said she was planning one, and refused my help countless times, and come to find out she hadn't done anything at all. I am very close with my cousin and want her to have a great time, so I wanted to do something besides just meeting with the bridal party for drinks.

She didn't have a bridal shower either (probably because of her short engagement) so I was thinking I would incorporate a small shower into the bachelorette party.  Since I just started planning, I didn't have time to send out invitations, I just invited everyone through facebook & by phone. Surprisingly, a lot of people will be able to make it so I'm really happy with that.

My question is this: I'd love to 'shower' her with bachelorette-themed gifts (lingerie, etc.) but I don't know how to go about saying so without seeming like I'm soliciting gifts. Of course I don't expect anyone to bring a gift if they are unable to do so- their presence is all that matters. Any suggestions? Or should I just leave it as simply a bachelorette party?

If it matters at all, I will be paying for dinner at a nice restaurant, a hotel suite, and the *ahem* entertainment. All that will be required fo guests to pay for is their drinks when we go out.


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    I say since it's so last minute, just go with keeping it a B-party for the most part. Some people may not be able to bring gifts due to the date being soon and it could make it awkward for those who didn't to watch the bride open gifts from those who could. 

    If you want to give her something, that is totally fine, but I personally would do so in private before or after the party, or ask that she open it later. This is what I did at my E-party because a few people brought gifts but most didn't and I didn't want people to feel like they were "suppoosed to." 

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    You said you already invited people.  So what would you do, send out an adendum to the invite?  I think it's too last minute unfortunately to do a shower as well that would require people to buy gifts in a week's time.  
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    Yeah I guess I'll just give her a gift in private & stick with the bachelorette party... Thanks!

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