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FSIL has the WORST manners

FSIL is 31, never married, no kids, and has a pretty good job.

She always suggests going out to dinner for every occasion. FI and MIL always oblige. She always orders the most expensive thing on the menu, plus a few appetizers, and a dessert. Always, never fails. Furthermore, she has never offered to pick up the check or put any money towards it. Actually, she often "has to go to the restroom" when the check comes. FI and I, or my FMIL always end up paying.

However, the following is what I am worried about:
Among other things: She constantly answers her phone (and chit-chats) during dinner (she is not a doctor). She never puts her napkin in her lap. She says things like "Is that spicy? Ewww, I don't eat spicy stuff." when someone (me) has made a homecooked meal. She cuts up all the food on her plate before she starts eating.

In the hopes that she could act appropriately at my reception dinner, I actually went online to see if the local community college had a "Table Manners" class or something like that. I thought I would say "hey, this could be fun for all of us (BMs) to take together!" That way she wouldn't get her feelings hurt. However, there are none.

Any suggestions?
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