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XP: Crazy? A little long sorry.

I went into more details on my month board, so feel free to look there if you want the holy wall of text version. 

If my FMIL throws a temper tantrum because we are not inviting kids, that's pretty dumb on her part right? By temper tantrum, I mean telling me in an email sent 30 mins after I left her house (and all seemed fine, she hugged me bye) how pissed she was about "having to tell people kids can't come." 

Despite this, we had previously arranged to have a sitter watch kids during the reception (we ran it by all parents, they were fine with idea), but she wants kids' names on the invite and kids to be at the ceremony, which I thought would be the boring part for most 5 through 13 year old kids. If anything, I could see her wanting them (plus the kids themselves wanting to be) at the reception where they could run around and play. I know anyone invited to the ceremony should be invited to the reception, which is why I wanted to leave off kids' names. 

We already told a few people who asked that it would mostly be only WP/family kids only, a RB, a FG, and an usher. I know we can get by with having family/OOT kids present because it'd be hard for them to get a sitter being long distance and gone for days, but if FMIL's cool with hiring a sitter and so are the parents, why can't they stay with the sitter an extra hour so they can be watched during the ceremony? I'll pay for the extra hour. I bet they'd all rather chill at the hotel with pizza and movies than sit through a wedding! 

She also told my FI when he called her about this (I ignored the email and told him to handle it) that she'd be sure to inform the kids in question (again ages 5 through 13) that we do not want them at the wedding. Wow. It's not that we don't love them, but it was just our preference. 

She also wants her guest list now reduced from 30ish to 4 to lessen the "burden she is obviously causing." We worked out our guest list issues, we just didn't want kids present. 

My family is paying for most of wedding. ILs are paying for RD, some flowers, and alcohol, but wedding is in their town, so I think she has a "it's my turf" thing going on. 

Am I wrong here? I think she is being way over dramatic and is just mad. I have no intention of eliminating all but 4 members of her side. 

Edited: for grammar, details, and clarity. 

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