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Have you done a tasting at TSC yet? Was there a fee? We're trying to set up an appointment to meet with Wendy to clear up any questions we have before we book. I think she told me in an e-mail a while back that the cost depended on the menu items we wanted to taste but I can't find the e-mail. TIA

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    We haven't done a tasting yet and probably won't until later in the spring. The way she made it sound to me was that it isn't free and it's as if you were eating lunch there. So, you go eat lunch, but they bring you items that you want on your menu. Idk though, I would def. clarify with her. I'm not really worried about tasting/food since I'm a member and have eaten there a couple of times... It is delish! So, I already know basically what our menu will be.
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