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Help with reception ideas - wedding in 11 days!

Hello all! My fiance and I are getting married in 11 days...EEEKK! WE are having a very small wedding; there will be 26 people including us, and we are getting married at a bed and breakfast. It would be a little tight to have dancing at the reception, and my fiance sprung on me last night that he doesn't really want a first dance or a dance with his mother, which I understand and respect. We will be having music though. Do you have any ideas of what we could do in place of this? Do you have any ideas for how to entertain people at a small reception?

Re: Help with reception ideas - wedding in 11 days!

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    I'm assuming there is very little entertaining to be done or that could relatively organically be done at such an intimate wedding. I wouldn't fret and assume that with that small of a crowd that everyone will enjoy the company and conversation and I'm assuming the food and bev. The best part of a wedding reception, as a guest, is the people you get to enjoy, the food you get to eat, and watching the B&G be so smitten with each other... which honestly activities can take away from. Those thoughts aside, you could still do a father daughter dance if you would like. And you can bouquet toss if there are more than one or two single girls. And other than that I would just take the opportunity and time to actually get to do what most of us don't, which is converse and spend time with all of your guests and your brand new husband!
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    We are having a small wedding.  Well, small in that we are having under 100 people.  The building we are using accomodates 125 people, but we are having a band and the buffet will also take up space.  What we are doing is having the wedding party and family at tables on the dance floor.  Since we'll all be walking around the rest of the night, those tables will be quickly folded up when we're done and moved out of the room so there is plenty of room for dancing.
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