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Wedding shower.

My fi and I have been living together for almost 2 years. If someone offers to throw a shower I'm not quite sure what the right thing to do would be. There are something items we would like in our home. Just want to be prepared.
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Re: Wedding shower.

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    It is okay to accept. Most people who have lived together register for "upgrades' of stuff for the house..
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    If you are registering for upgrades then accepting the shower is fine. If you are not planning on registering for anything then just politely decline the shower.
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    I think you're probably asking because your little pocket of the world is much like mine, in that people are judgy if you have a shower after having lived together, especially if you own a home (like we do).

    I was really conflicted about it, but when a shower was offered to be thrown for me, I went with it. I'm still a little concerned abut it, but I've been to a bunch of showers. I didn't ask that one get thrown for me, but when it was offered, I feel like it was ok to accept, and that stigma is going away (it just hasn't made it to my corner of the world yet).
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