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Kids question

OK, I know I may get reamed for this but I wanted some honest opinions. FI and I decided to have a mostly kid free wedding, for a lot of reasons. The only exception we were making was FI's neice and nephew (his only neice and nephew) because he is very close with them, and they are "close" family. I don't have any neices or nephews, but I do have a lot of cousins with young kids. If we included all of them we would not be able to fit everybody in our venue, literally. So recently we decided to invite one of my cousins children. This is because I am very close with that cousin, and her son has very special needs, and she would not be able to make it if he wasn't included (the only other people really capable of taking care of him will be at the wedding). Is this extremely poor etiquette or do you think at least most of the guests will understand?
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