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I wanted to just say here how much I loved my printing company, Paperwhites Press in Cary. I may have mentioned my invitations here before. I just picked up our programs from the same vendor. Their work has been beautiful and they've been really great to work with. Definitely an A++ vendor for us. The invitations were slightly pricier than what I'd wanted, but in the end worth every penny. The programs were beautiful and cheaper than if I'd done them myself. (A different style from the ones they show on their website.) They work with folks all over the country, but it was so nice to be able to go and see their work in person. Highly recommended.

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    I got samples of their work sent to me. The quality and designs were amazing! I would def. use them if I could, but idk if there's room in the budget anymore...
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    Yeah, we definitely went over budget on the invitations, though I certainly saw ones that weren't nearly as nice as what we got for more $$$. I kind of flipped when I saw a friend's DIY invites, which were literally falling apart, right when we were going to start our invites. They honestly left a really bad impression on me, so it ended up being more important to me than I thought it would to have nice invites and to be able to see the company's work before purchasing. But still, these folks were great to work with, and so if you're in the market, I would keep them in mind.
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