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FMIL Issues. Need honest opinions (REALLY REALLY LONG)


Re: FMIL Issues. Need honest opinions (REALLY REALLY LONG)

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    Holy Hera that was a lot of information.

    OK, my advice is to let it go. You will enver get an apology form her so don't bother. And even if she did, it would only make things worse because she would say even more nasty things about you. Explain to your MOH that the woman is crazy and not to take it personally. In fact, not even to read any tests she sends.

    As for the shower, why convince her to come? she clearly doesn't want to be there and would likely make it a miserable experience. let her do her own thing. I"m glad your FI is on your side, but I think you both need to be a little more firm on how you deal with her. Tell her she cannot treat you or your friends this way or else you will not be talking to her. If she bitches and starts trouble she looks bad, since I'm sure everyone knows she's the real sh!t starter.
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    Stop trying to get her to the shower.  Honestly, I'd be thankful that she didn't want to be there.  If she's not there, she can't create drama at the shower.  

    Stop trying to go to the appreciation dinner.  Send a card with your FI for your FSFIL, and let it go at that.

    Don't beg her.  Treat her like an adult, not a child - invite her, and then move on.  If she comes, great.  If not, ok.  If you beg, you let her control you.  
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: FMIL Issues. Need honest opinions (REALLY REALLY LONG)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Why even push the fact that you want her at the shower?  The woman's a pain in the ass who has given you, your FI, and your MOH a hard time.  She doesn't want to be at the shower and it's an inconvenience?  Awesome, now you know you did the right thing and invited her, but she can't come and you'll have a better time.  If this is a woman who is all about drama and having attention on her, then why would you be upset that she won't be at your shower to start drama? If you guys stop reacting to her pettiness and immaturity then maybe she'll get better over time.  She does all of these things for attention and what does she get?  Attention.  So stop giving it to her!  Even if she doesn't change, you'll feel better when you don't give her ridiculousness a second thought and ignore her/it.  You don't want your whole life to revolve around her latest escapade.
    Posted by J.T.[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>I totally agree with her!

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