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am I being unreasonable - latest

Hi Ladies, I wasn't going to come on here again so soon but you should hear the latest:

Son [G] visited last night, after not talking about wedding H finally asked if reception had been sorted.  We think it has the venue can get extra tables in and the 4 toddlers will be having high chairs so its officially 103 adults 4 toddlers and 1 babe in arms. This by the way does include the 2 GFs.

Although G has told us all is sorted now, we havn't to let B know that we know. She is going to tell us herself when she gets her head out of her a**e - G's words not mine.

So until we are ''officially'' told we can't say anything to other 2 sons who are the ushers - amazing isn't it.

No doubt she is waiting for apologies from sons - who don't yet know they are required to make apologies or what they will be apologising for.

You are all right B stands for a lot of other words that fit her better than Bride at the moment.

The wedding is in 4 weeks so hold on to your hats, its going to be a bumpy ride I think.

The picture of the toddler is charming - such a happy smile.

all the best
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