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A photographer question

Hi ladies,

I have never posted on here before, but during the planning I have found myself in a little bit of a pickle and just need some outside advice!

I have a photographer where I bought a complete package - e-session, guest book with the e-pics, unlimited day-of coverage, 2nd shooter, you name it, she's doing it. We talk pretty often about the wedding, and have gone to lunch together where we talked about everything but the wedding (thank goodness!) and got to know each other better.

So then, my FI's friend (we went to their wedding a few years ago) contacted me on FB saying that she is ready to start her own photog business and needs people for her portfolio, so she's willing to do a session for us for free. My problem is, I don't want to step on my photographer's toes and have her think I'm going elsewhere for shots. I already mentioned this to the friend, and she totally understands. I saw a sample of this girl's work, and I'm not too impressed - so I know there's no chance I'll like these pictures better, it would just be for her benefit. I want to help her, but my question is, is this okay to do? As long as I don't use them at the wedding and I don't get tagged on FB, my photographer may never even know. What do you all think??
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