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Guest Post: Should I attend?

Long story short, I am invited to a wedding where my husband is one of the groomsmen. I am torn as to whether or not I should attend. The groom and I DO.NOT.LIKE each other and haven't talked in a very long time. I'm cool with the bride and could talk to her/be friendly even though I wouldn't consider us to be buddies. We're cordial with one another. I feel, however, that it would be weird for my husband to be IN the wedding and I'm not there. Like it might cause more drama or questions if I DON'T attend than if I do. The only reason I am considering not attending is that if my husband is in the wedding I have no one to sit with/talk to or lean on for the entire event. Brides - what would expect of a guest in my shoes so I can make the right choice?

April W.
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