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so, you won.  this is your prize.  what else have you won in your life?  do you like obama?  did you know i have a really inappropriate crush on him.  like really inappropriate.  he's totally on my list.  do you have a "freebies" list?  it changes sometimes.  but for the most part it stays the same.  when was your wedding?  how long have you been with your husband?  are you on the babytrain?  what time is it where you are?  where do you live?  what do you do for a living?  where did you go to post secondary?  farthest place you've ever traveled?  what is your favourite season? do you like to run air conditioning a lot?  i love air conditioning.  have you had a knot GTG?  i have had a few.  NBD.  i'm hosting 3 knotties in my house at the end of july.  NBD.  we've rented a convertible and we're going to drive out to the mountains.  and have a picnic with with ANOTHER knottie.  it's going to be epic.  i'm pretty excited.  do you prefer coke or pepsi? how many times have you been in love?  do you have pets?  do you own a smart phone?  which one?  what is your favourite, most useful gadget/invention?  how much water do you drink in a day?  do you pee a lot?  how many times would you say?  do you like pizza?  i like pizza.  my husband and i had homemade pizza for dinner the other night.  he made the dough and sauce and everything it was so good.  i'm not big on franchise pizza.  i do pita pizza a lot too.  i always ask people about pizza in these surveys.  but really, it's not my favourite food.  it's just such a versatile food item that everyone usually likes and has their own preferences.  when was the last time you had sex?  oh yes, i went there.  tell me a good joke.  the more offensive the better.  favourite tv show?  running or cancelled, i don't care.  see any good movies lately?  i finally watched that ashton kutcher and amanda peet movie from like 2005.  a lot like love, i think it was called.  i love watching older movies that i didn't see when they came out.  i finally watched inception last week too.  it was good.  i love leo.  he's not on my list though... although he'd be a good sub-in.  he only really dates models though, so he's not a logical choice for me.  have you ever submitted a knot post secret?  you should.  its a great little blog and i'd love to see it keep going.  anyway, your time is up.  you have 30 minutes.  good luck.

"It's shart week." -georgiabride
"This post is seriously retarded." -Stackeye210
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